Driven by the ethos of World Mobile, we proudly operate as an EarthNode, acting as a beacon of connectivity in the vast digital expanse. We're not just a node; we're a bridge, narrowing the digital divide and ensuring billions worldwide gain access to secure, decentralized, and rewarding digital experiences. With us, every transaction processed is a step closer to a world where everyone is seen, heard, and connected.

World Mobile

World Mobile aims to expand internet connectivity to underserved regions by combining traditional mobile infrastructure with blockchain technology. Through a shared economy model, local communities benefit from the network, enabling access to digital identities, financial services, and a broader digital world.

How to Buy?

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Decentralized exchanges

Staking Benefits

  1. Rewards: Earn additional tokens for participating in the network.

  2. Security: Staking reinforces network safety by making malicious activities costly.

  3. Governance: Stakers often get voting rights on network decisions.

  4. Engagement: Join the movement, and be part of history in the making of connecting the unconnected.

How to Stake?

  1. Create a Cardano wallet like Eternl and use a hardware wallet.

  2. Send your WMT to the ADA wallet receiving address.

  3. Create a Worldmobile Vault .

  4. Link the Cardano receiving address with the World Mobile vault address.

  5. Once it syncs, your WMT will automatically start staking after the current snapshot.

  6. New snapshot begins 9th of every month.

  7. Like Cardano, your tokens never leave your wallet and you have complete control of them at all times.

About Us - Maya Node

Based in California, we bring over 12 years of hands-on expertise in information security, networking, and system administration to the World Mobile network. Our validator node is rooted in California, while we have strategically positioned sentry nodes across the globe for enhanced reliability and coverage. We are deeply committed to maintaining 24/7 operation of our EarthNode, reinforced by redundant network connectivity. With plans underway to integrate solar power backup, we are dedicated to ensuring sustainable and uninterrupted service. Please consider staking your WMT with us.
Ticker: mAYA

Our logo, MAYA, is more than just a design—it's a tale of destiny and shared visions. At its core, you'll see 'AYA', symbolizing the backbone of the World Mobile network. The name 'Maya', is a deeply personal touch; it's the name of our beloved daughter. In a serendipitous discovery while dating, both my wife and I found that, independently, we'd chosen 'Maya' as our favored name for a daughter at the tender age of 14. This uncanny alignment, coupled with the fact that our dogs shared the same name, made us feel that our paths were truly intertwined by fate. The Adinkra symbol stands proudly, representing endurance, resilience, and overcoming challenges. This symbol, often depicted as a fern with an infinity base, deeply aligns with our commitment to World Mobile's mission. We believe in connecting the unconnected, and our logo is a testament to that mission and the myriad personal journeys that brought us here.

Our Logo